Karen Salvi

Karen has been teaching and tutoring for 13 years, with students in grades 3 through 12. She tutors students in math, reading, writing, literature, science, history, study skills, and organization. She prepares students for all sections of the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, SAT, and ACT tests. Karen has been working with students in middle school and high school for 7 years in admission consulting and career counseling. She prepares middle school and high school students for admission essays, interview coaching, applications, and the comprehensive process of applying to private school and college. She previously served as a certified tutor with the Nashua and Hudson, New Hampshire School Districts through the district special needs department, for children with physical and learning disabilities. She is experienced in modifying her curriculum in order to meet the learning needs of students at all levels.


Karen says: “My favorite aspect about working with children is the privilege of giving them the one-on-one personal attention that helps them thrive. It allows me to appreciate the moments when I see them making progress and feel their self-esteem rise.  It makes them realize they can do anything.  It is so motivating for them when they start to believe in their own abilities. It can help define the rest of their education, as well as other aspects in their lives, in a very positive manner. To be a part of those experiences, in a child’s life, is pure joy. I became interested in becoming a tutor when  I realized that I loved assisting my young daughter and her friends with their homework and projects, no matter the subject or grade.  I saw “teaching moments” everywhere and seized the opportunities. I believe that a teacher must have endless patience above all else.  A student needs to feel respected and given the time that they personally need, no matter what.”