Interview Coaching Takes your Private School or College Application to the Next Level

Interviewing for private school or college is an excellent way to make the point that you are truly eager to be a member of a school’s student body, and schools look very highly on students to take this next step. In order to be prepared for interviews, interview coaching is vital in order to ensure that you are confident and prepared. As the following article states, schools have to make sure that they are admitting worthy students, and a high-quality interview makes that difference in your application.

Elements of the Admission Process

Private schools and prospective students alike have much to consider-and much at stake-during the school selection process. Families and educational consultants are faced with a variety of factors in their search-boarding school versus day school, small student body versus large, programming in the arts, extracurricular and athletic options, and, of course, academic compatibility. Meanwhile, the private schools themselves must also do their best to enroll students who will thrive academically and socially. Schools that fail to do their “homework” during the admissions process risk accepting and enrolling pupils who will not succeed academically, and who may not be happy at the school. To maintain a high retention rate, private schools place a high priority on careful consideration during the admissions process. At all grade levels, on-campus interviews with prospective students-and sometimes their parents as well-are often compulsory. Interviews serve both parties well, as they provide a good forum for mutual assessment.