Interview Coaching for Private School Admission

Private schools offer admission interviews to give students the opportunity to show that they are truly invested in applying there, and will do whatever it takes to gain admission. It is important to show off one’s best characteristics and feel confident in interviews, and interview coaching is the best way to gain these skills. As the following article states, preparing for interviews is the best way to make a favorable impression.

Being accepted by a boarding school – Admissions Process

This interview is a two way process; you are interviewing the school and they are interviewing both you and your teenager. Some of the best boarding schools may seem so intimidating that parents forget to ask them questions as they are so keen to get their teenager a place at the school! It is important to remember that the best boarding school in Texas, for example, as voted by parents, may not be the best boarding school for your child. You should prepare your questions in advance and not feel that you cannot ask whatever you want to. This is your child’s well being at stake, so even if the interview makes you feel nervous, if you prepare beforehand you will be able to make an informed decision.