SAT and ACT Test Prep Yields Greatest Results When you Start Early

Preparing for the SAT and ACT is one of the most valuable tasks any Junior in high school can undertake. Performing well on the SAT or ACT not only grant you access to better colleges, but give you better opportunities to receive scholarships. As the following article states, it is very important to work with a tutor to prepare you for the SAT and ACT tests.

Getting Ready for the ACT / SAT test

Preparing your child for college isn’t an easy task. In fact, preparing for the college entrance SAT or ACT test is a feat in and of itself! We are facing that uphill battle right now. My daughter is in eleventh grade, and just took the ACT as a practice run. It definitely opened our eyes to several things. I knew we needed to be preparing in advance, but I didn’t know just how we measured up. Taking the test early is a great help in planning your final college preparations. Here are a few things that we are trying to put into practice, and a few things that we are learning along the way!

1) Begin preparations early. Plan your high school courses to meet your preferred colleges’ requirements. At our house, we are depending on scholarships. In turn, scholarships depend on the ACT / SAT score. So, (no stress) a good test score will really help in this area.

2) Don’t be afraid to take the test several times. You can take each of these tests several times, we chose to take the ACT as practice. We also elected to NOT send the scores to any colleges. This test this time -was just for our information only.

3) Begin test prep a year in advance. Begin reviewing ACT SAT vocabulary and essay strategies well in advance. Don’t think that you can prepare for this test a few weeks before you take it!