SAT Test Prep Guides You with Personalized SAT Test-Taking Strategies

Most students take the SAT test at least twice for best results. When working with a private SAT tutor, you can learn the test-taking strategies necessary for a high SAT score, and then learn from the first test which areas need more improvement. Then for the second test, your tutor will be able to target the specific test-taking strategies that will make the difference for you. As the following article writes, SAT test preparation is vital for improvement on the SAT test.


Today, it is tougher than ever to be accepted into a good college. And with increased competition at home and abroad to attend the best colleges out of high school, students are preparing, studying and taking the SAT exam earlier and earlier.
Generally speaking, most students should plan to take the SAT exam twice. The first time, in the spring of their junior year of high school, and the second time, during the fall semester of their senior year of high school, typically with the best times to take the test coming in May (junior year) and then October (in senior year).
Over the summer after the May and June tests, you have the opportunity to review your scores, re-study and prepare for the October SAT exam while you apply to colleges and submit applications. This provides a great opportunity to improve your score from the May testing period, though if you do need another improvement after May and October, you have options in November, December and January for retakes, as well.
The SAT Exam Requires Serious Commitment & Focus!
Studying for the SAT exam, just like preparing for any major test or event, requires planning, structure, and commitment. It isn’t something that can be done in a single weekend, nor is it something that one can prepare for in just a week or two of cramming. After all, the SAT exam covers much of what you learned in high school for nearly four years… Do not try to wing it!
Create a Plan of Action for the SAT Exam
To truly succeed on the SAT and receive a good testing score, it’s imperative that you plan ahead, know your testing schedule, and give yourself several options to take the test. Between the May and October exams, you’ll surely have one strong score to use, while still knowing that you can re-take the test several more times in order to apply and be accepted to the college of your dreams.