Completing Your Private School Admission Applications

If you are just starting or nearly completing your private school admission applications, here is a checklist of everything that needs to be done before you send them in:


  • Register and take ISEE/SSAT tests. Send in results to preferred schools.
  • Schedule interviews for schools where they allow/require them. Your application package should provide information on scheduling an appointment. If not, call the Admission Office ASAP. If there are a lot of students applying there may be limited availability.
  • Make sure your child is prepared for interviews and armed with questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Request to shadow a student or meet with a teacher in your preferred field. Schools take note of your additional interest level.
  • Collect and submit teacher references. You can also include references from outside instructors or coaches.
  • Complete Admission Essays; many schools take the common application, but require additional supplemental essays, so make sure you don’t leave anything in the application blank.
  • Complete applications; most schools are doing online applications, so make sure every field is completed accurately. Make sure that your list of activities is comprehensive and represents your child’s skills to the highest degree.
  • Include portfolios of art, videos of students engaged in sports/martial arts, audio recordings of musical performances, etc.
  • Complete financial aid forms.
  • When you send in materials, make sure you have enough postage!



If you need any additional support with this process, we are here to help!


Our highly trained and experienced Admission Coaches guide you and your child through the Private School Admission process. From developing and finalizing a list of schools to which the student will apply, to perfecting their applications, your admission consultant will guide you every step of the way. Because your child’s admission essay gives insight into their personality and allows them to stand out from the crowd, your personal essay coach will guide your child from topic development through final draft to ensure a polished product. And because school interviews are stressful, we are here to prepare you. Our expert interview coaches know what admissions officers are looking for. Your child’s coach will fully prepare them for any questions that may come their way, and allow them to present their best selves.


For more information, please see our Admissions Services Page.

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