Technology in the Classroom

Technology is becoming in demand for the 21st century. Technology in the classroom has helped students engage and adapt with a variety of devices. Devices such as computers, Smartboards, webcams, and projectors help build stronger and longer lasting engagement inside the classroom. These devices are being used to increase class interaction and discussion. Smartboards have helped students increase student-to-student interaction and has given them the chance to participate in a more  willing and excited way. Many of these devices have become a helpful tool to help enhance the content during presentations, such as Powerpoint slideshows or even access to videos from the internet to use as examples. According to, about 75 percent of educators believe that technology has a positive impact in the classroom.


Teachers are also using technology to better connect with the students as well as their parents. Many teachers have been using certain software in which the parents can also get involved and easily track their child’s progress online. eSpark is one software that contributes to technology in the classroom and at home, using ipads. This application has made many students learn independently at their own pace, while also being excited to interact with the content. Teachers find that tools like this have made it easier to see where a student may be struggling and how to approach different techniques for better results. There are teachers who also setup a classroom blog, which both the students and parents can participate in together to build onto the curriculum outside the classroom.


Technology is crucial when preparing for work life. College students are constantly on the go and can now access school information from home and on their mobile devices. Email has been an important resource for college students to stay in touch with their professors outside the classroom and it also prepares students to communicate professionally. It can be difficult for students who may be working full time or multiple part time jobs to create a new class schedule for the upcoming semester. With the advantage of how profound technology is today there is a wider span of flexibility. Students now have the option to take online classes to help fit around their work and daily life schedules. The online classes also benefit students because they can learn at their own pace and can still have the option to connect with their educator online and in person for any additional guidance.


LinkedIn is a social network that has been a positive resource for many students and graduates to get connected with different professional job markets. This network empowers individuals to display new ideas, accomplishments, interests, involvement in organizations, and more academic and work-related material and experiences. LinkedIn has been known to encourage students to mold into a professional work environment and continue to develop their strengths and opportunities. Technology has progressed over the years and it has been a major transformation in education to help students, educators and parents stay connected academically and professionally.


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