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As the end of the Fall semester approaches, students are preparing for final exams and cramming in their final assignments. On top of finals, many students may also be feeling like their first semester wasn’t as they hoped it would be, but this doesn’t mean college isn’t the right fit for them. If this sounds like you, read on.


Transferring to a different college may sound overwhelming but it could be the appropriate change you need to enjoy and achieve a successful college experience. Most colleges provide transfer programs, so certain credits you have achieved at your first college can get transferred right over to a different school at which you feel you will have a better experience. College advisors are here to help you seek the proper information to make the transferring process smooth.


As a senior in High School, I was very excited at the idea of going to a four year university the following Fall. When I met with my school advisor I mentioned how I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford college on my own. He suggested I look into a community college; this suggestion startled me at first. It sounded like a longer process to earn my degree, but I also wasn’t 100% certain on what I wanted to pursue. I took his suggestion into consideration and soon enough I found myself attending Middlesex Community College.


The experience was more than I imagined it would be. Graduating from a Technical High School, I focused on academics one week and a trade the next week, so Middlesex was a great first step into the college life. I figured I would go and earn enough credits to transfer right over to the University of Massachusetts Lowell, but I found myself loving the classes and professors at MCC. I stayed to earn my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and transferred to UMass Lowell for my Bachelors Degree last Fall.  


My degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences gave me a wide selection of different classes and it helped me realize what I wanted to pursue in my life. The best part about earning my Associates Degree at MCC is that only one class of credits didn’t transfer over to UMass Lowell, but a total of 61 credits did! The Mass Transfer Program ensures that transfer students’ credits are transferred and applied to your Bachelors Degree at the new school you intend to join. The Mass Transfer Program can also help a student  receive a discount on their tuition with the appropriate GPA and depending on what schools you are transferring to and from.


I also have a friend who started off at a four year university, which he didn’t find was the right fit for him. He transferred over to a community college to start fresh and he found himself loving college like he predicted it would be back in High School. He enjoyed the smaller classes and the overall atmosphere of the school, compared to his first experience. Being a transfer student doesn’t mean you only have to transfer from or to a four year college. Transferring schools is important if you don’t feel comfortable and satisfied with your first choice.


It is helpful to go to transfer and college fairs to help get an idea of different schools of your interest. Community colleges are known to provide a couple transfer fairs a semester to help a student determine what college is the right fit. Some colleges even have a transfer advisor who is a great resource for getting each transferring step accomplished. Don’t be afraid to make the change. Go with your gut and seek out other colleges that will satisfy your overall college experience.


Tayla M.

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