How To Succeed On Test Day

With SAT season approaching, many high schoolers struggle to know how to succeed on test day. They feel their anxieties increasing, and their confidence decreasing. While the SAT is an important and challenging test, it is crucial to remain calm and collected in the days leading up to the exam, as well as the day of. Here are some tips to keep stay confident and ensure you do as well as you possibly can.

1. Be prepared


The best way to make sure you feel confident and ready to tackle the test is by being prepared to take it. Make sure you have a study plan set up. This can mean an SAT tutor, using an SAT Prep Book to learn some new vocab, or getting together to review with friends. The more material you have reviewed, the more confident you will be. If you feel under prepared you will spend precious time during the test worrying, and will begin to doubt your abilities.

2. Familiarize yourself with the test

The better you know the test, the less stressed you will be. Know how long you have for each section, what you can lose points for, and how long you should spend on each question. By knowing what to expect and knowing the layout of the test, you are less likely to feel like you are going into the unknown on test day.

3.Get a good night’s sleep

The night before, make sure you go to bed earlier than usual so you have time to relax and prepare for the long day to come. If possible, try to avoid last minute cramming, as it will likely do more harm than good. the night before, make sure you have a good meal, and spend some time doing things you enjoy. Relax your mind and your body in preparation for the high stress environment you will soon be in. A well rested mind will produce better results and you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the SAT throws your way!

4.Eat a good breakfast the morning of

The morning of the test you will likely have to wake up early. However, this is no excuse to skip breakfast! Make sure you make it down to the kitchen in time for some eggs or a large bowl of cereal with fruit. The SAT is a long test, and although you get a few breaks when you can eat, they are not long. The last thing you need is your stomach loudly rumbling as you try to do geometry. Not only will this distract you, but it will distract your fellow test takers. To avoid this issue all together, have some brain food in the morning and stay full all throughout your test!

5.Dress comfortably

You may be tempted to break out your new jeans and tight top for the occasion, after all who doesn’t like to dress nice? However, this is probably not the best idea for a test where you will be sitting for several hours. Instead, opt for some comfortable and stretchy fabrics. These will allow you to comfortably move and stretch when you need to, without cutting your blood circulation. Wearing layers would also be helpful. Since you cannot predict what the temperature will be like in the room you are testing in, wearing a short sleeve shirt under a sweater will allow you to adjust as you see fit.


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