Reviewing Your ISEE Score Report

Here are some helpful tips when reviewing your ISEE score report:

Your child’s Individual Score Report will have two sections: Test Profile and Analysis.

Test Profile: In this section you will find data on your child’s scores from all four of the sections on the ISEE test.

  • You will see a Scaled Score ranging from 760-940. This score is scaled because there are several different versions of the test administered, so this score allows a common range for all students.
  • The next section is a Percentile Rank (1-99). This shows your child’s rank among all students’ in the same grade over 3 years.
  • The third section is the Stanine Score. This number comes from the percentage score. The range of scores is divided to get 9 categories, so the 1-3 percentile is 1, the 40-59 percentile is 5, and the 96-99 percentile is 9.
  • The final section is the Stanine Analysis. This gives you a visual of your child’s Stanine Scores in comparison to the other sections of the test.

Analysis: The analysis section shows an in-depth look at how many questions your child answered correctly on each portion of the test. It shows the number of questions as well as the order in which your child answered: correct, incorrect, skipped, or not reached.

It is important to note that your child’s essay will be sent as unscored to each of the schools that you request score reports for.

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