How Parents can Help with the College Application Process

Applying to college can be a frightening and overwhelming task for students to take on, especially those who tend to procrastinate. Many families wonder how parents can help with the college application process to facilitate and ease the anxiety. Look below for some tips on how to help.

  • Make a timeline together: During their junior year of high school, or even sooner sit down with your child and make a timeline. Include things such as when to take the SAT and/or ACT test, when to finalize a list of schools, when to visit schools, etc. Having a deadline will encourage both you and the student to stay on top of things and make sure that progress is being made throughout the school year.
  • Aid in the screening process for schools: Students may feel overwhelmed by the amount of school to choose from and may not know where to start. Aid them in the screening process. Help them by asking if they’d like to be close to home or farther away, a school in the city or rural area, etc.
  • Be present for tours and prepare your own questions in addition to your child’s: When attending tours, come prepared with your own questions about things your child may not have thought about. These questions can include financial aid, campus safety, academic resources available and many more.
  • Be ready to support them during the difficult times: Applying to college is a stressful time but it can also offer a unique opportunity for parents to show their children support and be a source of calm and relief during such a hectic time.
  • Let it be their decision ultimately: while it is important to be supportive and an active part of the process, it is crucial to remember that the final decision is one they must make on their own.


Amanda De Moraes

Boston Tutoring Services

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