The Treble Chorus of New England

I sang with the Treble Chorus of New England (TCNE) for 6 years, and it was easily one of the best musical experiences of my life. You will not find a kinder, friendlier, or more welcoming group of children and young adults than I found when I joined the chorus. In my time at TCNE, not only did I vastly improve my musicianship, singing, and language skills, but I also grew socially surrounded by a community of caring students and adult volunteers. My favorite memories include collaborating with Boston’s Masterworks Chorale and participating in a choral tour to Austria in the summer of 2010. I really cannot recommend it highly enough. 


TCNE is an Andover-based organization that has been providing exceptional choral training to children who love music for over 40 years. The choir has a long and rich history of performances of both classical and contemporary music in New England and throughout the world. Singing with TCNE opens up a world of opportunities to students ages 6-19, including professional collaborations, an opera program, performances of original works and commissions, and international choral tours. The mission is simple: to educate young people by providing vocal training and performance experience that inspires a lifelong passion for music.

TCNE is broken up into four different groups: Training Choir (ages 6-9), Concert Choir (ages 10-13), Schola (ages 14-19), and My Own Voice. The first three groups are determined by approximate age and skill level, and all students study music in a variety of languages. My Own Voice is a relatively new program for children and young adults with needs. The current choral director is Rachel Hallenbeck, an accomplished singer, pianist, and music teacher at Braintree Public Schools. 

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If you’re interested in joining one of the choirs or in hearing TCNE live, there are several events coming up this season. Their spring opera scenes program meets on Saturdays and will culminate in several performances later in the year. Spring rehearsals for the Training, Concert, and Schola choirs are already underway, while My Own Voice resumes in February. The spring concert will be on Saturday, May 13th, 2017. 

Click here to go to the TCNE website where you can learn more about the choirs, get information about concerts and tickets, and even listen to performance recordings. You can also get updates by following the TCNE Facebook page.

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