High School Seniors: Are You Ready for the SAT and ACT Tests?

Are you a high school senior applying to colleges? It’s not too late to take the SAT and ACT tests, but the deadlines are fast approaching! In order to make the application deadline for most schools, you will need to take these tests before the end of this calendar year. For the SAT, that means you could take the test on October 7th, November 4th, or December 2nd of 2017. For the ACT, the October 28th and December 9th 2017 tests are your only options. To register for the SAT, click here. To register for the ACT, click here.

Unsure of which test to take or how they’re different? There are some key differences between the two tests, but the best new policy for applying to colleges is actually to take both tests. You can check out some of our past blogs for more information:

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Now that you know which test(s) you’re going to take, it’s time to get ready. Working with a private tutor on SAT and ACT test-taking strategies will give you the skills to perform your best on test day, because the tutor will be able to target the specific areas in which you need the most improvement. For the highest possible SAT or ACT test score, preparation is key!  

Knowing exactly what will happen on the testing day will also help you feel more prepared. For detailed accounts of what to expect, click here for SAT and here for ACT. Lastly, just be confident! It’s never too late to take the SAT and ACT tests, and with private tutoring help, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. 

Allison Green
Boston Tutoring Services

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