Is Your Child Applying to Private School or College This January? 

It’s important to start connecting with the private schools or colleges that your child is interested in, because schools keep track of the amount of times that you express interest and use this information to help determine admission. It’s a good idea to start early in selecting the list of schools to which you will apply, and to develop a timeline of all due dates and materials required for admission.

If your child is applying for private schoolthis is a great resource to learn about your options. You can narrow down decisions such as boarding versus day school, single-gender versus co-ed, etc. You can then narrow down further to ensure that the schools have the programs you are looking for, provide financial aid, have adequate transportation options, etc.

If your child is applying for collegethis is a great resource to learn more about your options. for college, your child might be considering schools within a much wider geographical scope, and it’s even more important to create a list that is appropriate for your child’s needs.

For both private school and college admission, most schools will require Admission Essays. A well-written admission essay is a key component of your child’s admission package. It gives the admissions staff insight into your child’s interests and personality that can’t be obtained from any other part of their application. An Essay Coach can identify your child’s personal goals, talents, and insights, and then craft them into an essay topic that will grab the admission officer’s attention.

Interviews are also recommended or required at most private schools and colleges, and it’s best to schedule these as early as possible, before admissions offices are overwhelmed with the winter application rush. Knowing what to expect in an admission interview helps reduce your child’s anxiety, and mock interviews can examine which areas of your child’s performance can be enhanced through public speaking and social skills.

Our Admissions Coaches provide families with guidance in Essay CoachingInterview Coaching, and all aspects of the Application process.

Visit our Admissions Consulting Page–it’s never too early to start!

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