Practice Getting Back into a Routine for School

Summer is coming to an end, so it’s time for your child to practice getting back into a routine for school. Getting back into a new routine is so hard for so many, but practice makes perfect. Starting the school year off on the right foot leads to good grades during the semester. The hardest part is getting back into a routine, especially if they were used to sleeping in all summer. They should be getting around 10 hours of sleep to ensure a well-rested mind, but they will need to shift this to earlier, come September. Have your child practice getting up and eating breakfast around the time they will wake up for school. Doing this during the last month of your summer vacation will make the transition easier.

Have your children start exercising more, whether it be a short walk around your town park or yoga. This will clear their minds and help them center themselves. It’s good to go into a transition thinking positively about all the successes the new life event will bring. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Exercise allows your child to be more fit and able to handle a long day filled with school. 

Get your child a school planner so they are organized. This helps keep track of all their assignments and exams. Make it fun by having them get creative and  decorate it the night before school with colorful pens or markers. It helps children remain positive and get ready about the stress school brings.

Check out these two links for some more suggestions on how to stay organized this coming school year:

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It’s also important to keep up with Summer Reading to exercise your brain. While summer is almost over, you can keep these in mind for next year, too! We have several blog posts on how to stay engaged with summer reading; explore the blog section of our website to find a town near you and see what their library has to offer for summer reading experiences. Some of my favorites have been Lowell Public Library’s alien hide-n-seek goodie bag raffle, Burlington Public Library’s rocket building workshop, and Needham Public Library’s “build a star wars droid” workshop. Look around and see what your town may have to offer!

With our K-12 Academic Subject tutoring packages, your child can also start to focus and adjust to school right from the comfort of their own living room. Our tutors have flexible hours, and can easily fit into your child’s busy new year. 

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