Interview Coaching

Make an Impression at your Admission Interview-Practice Makes Perfect

Colleges and private schools offer admission interviews to give students the opportunity to show that they are truly invested in applying there, and will do whatever it takes to gain admission. It is important to show off one’s best characteristics and feel confident in interviews, and interview coaching is the best way to gain these skills. As the following article states, preparing for interviews is the best way to make a favorable impression. Top 10…

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Interview Coaching is the Best Way to Shine in College Admission

When your high-schooler begins the process of applying to college, setting up interviews should be at the top of your to-do list, as colleges really do take notice of those students who make the extra effort. Doing interviews can be very nerve-racking for students, as they don’t know how to make their personality and their strengths truly shine through. As the following article describes, preparation with an interview coach and a series of mock interviews…

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