Methods for Taking Notes

Students tend to take notes on their computers more and more nowadays, but studies show that putting pen to paper in class is much more effective. But are your written notes always a mess? Try out these popular note taking methods and find one that works for you.  Cornell Method This method originated at Cornell University, which is how it got its name. It has a wonderful format in which you can condense, organize, and…

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Bullet Journaling for Students

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you have probably seen posts about bullet journaling, which has become something of a viral stationary trend. Stripping away all the hype, however, will leave behind an excellent method of planning and organizing for students. Today, I’ll tell you all the tips and tricks for getting organized for school using this approach.  First off, what is bullet journaling? A bullet journal is essentially a notebook…

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Best Study Tips For School

Being a senior in college this year means I’ve been a student for going on seventeen years now–that’s most of my life! By this point I think I’ve gotten the hang of studying, so here are my best study tips for school. Take detailed notes This step is important to implement all the time, even before you need to study for a certain test. Whenever you’re in class, make sure you’re paying attention and writing…

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