Amanda Pinson


Bachelor of Arts, Biophysical Chemistry, Dartmouth College, 2021

Amanda tutors students in grades 9 through 12, as well as at the undergraduate level, in math, chemistry (Organic and General), biology, and physics (as well as other fields of science). She has previously worked with students with ADHD and enjoys personalizing her instructional methods to meet the specific needs and learning styles of her students. She prepares students for the math section of the SAT test. She has also served as a snowboard instructor for several years. She is currently serving as a clinical research assistant at a medical center in Boston.
Amanda says: “Hello! My name is Amanda. I’m originally from Connecticut and am currently living in Boston for work. I’ve learned a lot from many great teachers in my life — the very first being my dad — and I’ve continued to learn from teaching others — the very first being my friends in grade school. Among all that I’ve learned, I’ve discovered in myself a passion for teaching and helping others to cultivate their own passions and recognize the beauty and importance in the subjects they’re learning. In college, I started teaching more formally, working as a math and science tutor for students attending the local high school, as well as for my peers in college courses. I also worked as a teaching assistant in Organic Chemistry and a snowboarding instructor in the winters. These experiences have helped me realize that there are many different ways to teach someone, and similarly there are many different ways that people learn. I am always working to adapt the way I teach to the way a student learns, as this is a significant part of the great value that I see in individualized education. Apart from teaching, my interests include running, reading, sketching, exploring new food and flavor combinations, and kicking around a soccer ball with friends. I also love animals and grew up with dogs and cats — though my apartment life doesn’t support this love up close, I am able to give love from far away to my cat back home (she has three legs and a big heart!), and friendly acquaintances on the street.”