Carolyn Wilson

Carolyn has been tutoring for over six years and supports students in grades 7-12 (as well as undergraduates) in math (including Algebra I and II, trigonometry, and geometry) and English. She prepares students for all sections of the SAT and ACT tests, focusing on test-taking strategy. She was enrolled in Boston University’s Seven Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education program, which guaranteed a seat in medical school after completing three years at the undergraduate institution. She is currently attending Boston University School of Medicine and has been involved in medical research for nearly a decade. She supports students in the college admission process, including course selections, admission essays, mock interviews, and other aspects of the application process. She is experienced in working with students for whom English is not their first language and has professional fluency in Spanish.
Carolyn says, “I originally got involved in teaching and tutoring after completing the journey through standardized examinations and the college application process myself. I realized how much I enjoyed teaching classmates and younger students the different tricks and tips that helped me on my journey, and being able to witness students gain confidence in their abilities was so fulfilling. In my free time, I love to travel, try new foods, play volleyball, workout at Orangetheory, and sing! I hope to travel a bit more these next few months before residency and am always open to any travel recommendations.”