Chris Oates


Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies, Brown University, 2012

Chris has been tutoring for 9 years and works with students in grades 6 through 12 and beyond. He tutors Math (through AP Calculus), Writing, Latin (up to AP level), and all sections of the SAT and ACT tests. He has also prepared students for the TOEFL exam and has worked with ESL students. He is experienced in professional translation for international and Thai clients. He has also taught coding and computer science. Additionally, he is experienced in working with students with ADHD, and enjoys personalizing his educational approach to meet the specific needs of his students. He attended Roxbury Latin High School from 2004 to 2008.
Chris says: “After graduating from Brown in 2012, I moved to Thailand where I taught English/math. There I fell in love with learning Thai and I ended up starting a business of Thai to English translation. I came back in 2015 to resume teaching in the Boston area, but have always been fascinated with languages. Work aside, my life-long passion though has probably been art. In high school I received the Art Prize for my graduating class, something I’ve always been very proud of. Now in my free time I use traditional oil paints as well as digital painting with Photoshop. Mostly I paint pictures of my two cats, but I also got to collaborate on a film last year where I storyboarded over 100 illustrations for their animation sequences. When I’m not doing art, working on my Thai or math, I might be outside going for walks or playing a video game.”