Randee Sobolik


Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2016

Randee has been tutoring for 15 years and works with students in grades 4 through 12 and up. She tutors in math, science (biology, chemistry, and physics), English Language Arts, history, and Spanish. She prepares students for all sections of the PSAT, SAT, ACT, HSPT, ISEE, and SSAT tests. She has worked in special education classrooms and is experienced in working with students with learning disabilities, ASD, and anxiety. She also served as a field hockey coach for 8 years with middle school students.
Randee says: As a life-long learner, I believe the role of an educator is to inspire curiosity and creativity, and to help kids understand that challenging themselves and making mistakes are crucial to learning. I believe every child is capable of learning and deserves the opportunity to do so. I see my job as providing support to my students in that endeavor so that they can ultimately become independent thinkers. My experience, my enthusiasm for helping others, my patience, and my sense of humor make me good at what I do. A little about me: I am the mother of two boys who are quickly getting to be bigger than me! We have a dog named Tula, whom we rescued more than 9 years ago. She was my running buddy for many years, and now loves to step on my snowshoes when we go out trekking. Nature is my sanctuary, and I try to get my family to adventure outside as much as possible, all year round. We love cozying up to movies on Friday nights and playing board games. Nutrition and fitness are a big part of my life, and I hope to continue my education in that field at some point in the near future. In my free time (what free time?) I love to hike, run, swim, kayak, practice yoga, kickbox, and do strength training. I am an avid reader and dream of writing a book someday. I am Scuba certified, and I hope to explore the deep (someplace warm) when I have more time for travel. I play soccer and hockey, and love coaching. I am working on my green thumb and love teaching my kids how to grow our own food. Our kitchen is command central in our home, where you can find me rocking out to 80s tunes while I experiment with recipes and try not to set off the smoke alarm.”