Summer Reading Program

Your child will blossom into a happy, confident reader – ready for lifelong success.

Loss of reading skills during the summer is a problem that all students face. Kindergarteners retain only a small portion of what they have learned when they enter first grade. Moving from first to second grade requires a jump in reading speedfluency, and comprehension. We have created a summer program that reinforces their reading skills and enhances them for these transitions.

Protect your child’s reading skills over the summer. Our reading program gives them a boost when they enter the next grade.

We begin with an assessment in order to create a personalized, developmentally-appropriate plan for your child. Then, through one-on-one private instruction in your home, we help your child attain the literacy goals we have set through a variety of phonics and whole-word reading strategies. Reading comprehension strategies are woven into each lesson. We work with hands-on materials and many forms of texts so that your child remains engaged during our tutoring sessions. We reassess your child regularly, so that modifications and adjustments can be made as needed.

Every child learns to read, but each child may need a variety of avenues to get there. Confidence-boosting is essential for growth, and our tutors provide encouragement and support through our work together, so your child knows that he or she CAN learn to read.

Sessions are 60-minutes

  • $375 for 5 sessions
  • $725 for 10 sessions
  • $1,400 for 20 sessions