We were very happy with Boston Tutoring Services and feel that our son was fully prepared for his ISEE’s and Prep School interviews.  You were always extremely professional, very responsive and connected us with a great tutor [Brant Blumstein] and a top notch interview coach [Walter Harper].  We couldn’t have been more pleased and will certainly recommend your services to anyone that we know who may be in need of quality tutoring or specialty educational services.  I am always happy to promote great service providers, and Boston Tutoring is certainly among the top on my list.

- Peter S., Lexington

I believe in paying credit where it is due.  Because of David Hung, my son was accepted to his two top choices for high school.  While my son awaits notice from two additional schools, I am certain, that because of David’s mentoring, coaching and confidence building my son’s next chapter for success in a selective secondary school is assured.
I am hopeful that you will recognize David’s positive value to your organization and I am pleased to refer your services to our learning community and beyond.
Thank you,

Leslie F., Hull

- Leslie F., Hull

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience and positive outcome we had as a result of David Thompson’s tutoring. My son was able to score more than nine times higher on the verbal section of the SSAT than he had originally scored, with his overall score being four times higher than his original score! From the beginning, we were so thrilled with David. He motivated our son to study on his own and our son actually went in to the test excited and confident about taking it the second time. We would absolutely use David again if needed in the future. Thank you to Boston Tutoring Services for all your help and organization.

Margie F., Carver

- Margie F., Carver

Katie Mason and my daughter hit it off quite well, so were quite pleased with her tutoring.

- Doug A., NH

I just want to let you know that my daughter sat for her SSAT and is pleased with her scores. She is very grateful for your help (“I couldn’t have done it without Jim Vlachos.”), and based on the schools she is applying to, she won’t have to re-take the test. As her parents, we also want to thank you for your excellent tutoring support. You clearly engaged her with the test preparation process, and motivated her to work hard on this over her summer vacation.

- Chris B., Arlington

My son took his ISEE exam and did great!! David Hung was awesome. We can’t say enough about your services.

- Stephanie P., Norwell

I wanted to let you know that the ISEE test this morning seemed to go fine for my daughter.  Although she was a little bit nervous before the test, she actually bounded out at noon, and felt like it went well.  She said that she could answer most of the questions and felt very well prepared.

Regardless of how she does in terms of her scores, I think the fact that the whole experience was not overly stressful, and that she came out actually feeling positive about the experience is incredibly important.

My daughter absolutely felt that her work with you made a huge difference.  I can’t thank you enough, Kelsey, not only for all the great work that you did with her, but for helping her feel confident and not stressed about the test.  Your approach with her was absolutely perfect!

- E.S., Newton

Boston Tutoring Services provided just what our family needed.  My son Ryan needed help preparing for the ISEE this fall.  Having a highly qualified, trained tutor come to our house was perfect for our schedule.  I cannot say enough good things about Brian Campbell.  Brian was on time and prepared every week.  Brian taught Ryan new material, reviewed the basics and provided guidance/strategies on test taking.  He gave reasonable amounts of homework, reviewed any questions Ryan had and was available to answer any of my questions.  If I wanted Brian to cover any additional material or try a different approach, Brian was always happy to do so.  Ryan enjoyed working with Brian and seemed to miss the sessions once they ended.
I checked out a number of tutoring services before going forward with Boston Tutoring Services.  There are a number of tutoring groups that charge twice as much for small group at their inconvenient location.  Some services have you take a pre-test to see if you qualify for their tutoring!  Boston Tutoring Services provided one-on-one tutoring, in my home with a highly qualified tutor.
I’m so happy we found them!  And in particular, I am thrilled that Brian Campbell worked with Ryan.  Brian is easy going, a great teacher and really connected with Ryan.  Ryan was well prepared and confident when he took the test.   Another positive outcome of prepping for the test is that it has really helped Ryan in school.  Reading comprehension techniques and the algebra and geometry learned can be applied throughout his schoolwork.  This service was worth every penny.
I would highly recommend this company and in particular, Brian Campbell.
3 months later…I just wanted to thank you both for helping my son Ryan.  Notifications went out yesterday and Ryan got into Boston Latin School (BLS).  He was also accepted at BC High (the only private school he applied to). He hasn’t made his decision yet but has two great choices.  Thanks again!

- Karen M., Boston

Just wanted to bring you up to date regarding our daughter’s grad school efforts.  She was accepted to a grad school of her choice in the Boston area. The GRE tutor, Greg Conklin, you selected was a perfect match for our daughter’s needs.  Thanks for your great service.

- I.Z.

We had a wonderful experience working with Karen Salvi while preparing for the SSAT. Karen is an amazing educator.  Not only did she help our son learn how to take standardize tests, she helped him overcome his fear of being tested. She gave him the confidence to perform well. My son took two exams and we noted an improvement  between the two.  He will be attending the middle school at St. John’s Prep in Danvers in the fall.
His scores for the last SSAT were:
T scale 2007   % gender 86, % grade 87
V scale 677     % gender 83, % grade 83
Q scale 656     % gender 73, % grade 78
R scale 674     % gender 89, % grade 89
We would highly recommend Karen to anyone!

- Lauren T., North Andover