Marie Pendergast has been our child’s tutor for three months and the difference in her math skills is amazing. Marie is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. Our child has not only improved her skills, but her confidence level as well. That was our ultimate goal in hiring a tutor.

- CLD, Boston, MA

Zach Halpern has been great with my son, they seemed to work really well together and got through the material at a good pace. Zach seems like a great young man and like I said he worked so well with my son. I feel so much better about the test having used your service.

- Bethany B., Milton

“[My grandson] was accepted to Boston Latin Academy. I really feel the tutoring that Boston Tutoring did last summer and fall with him was hugely responsible for this.” -Ken A., Littleton

- Ken A., Littleton

I was so happy when I found Boston Tutoring Services for my twin sons. Boston Tutoring Services was very accommodating and efficient. The boys’ tutor, Simon Beugekian, was a perfect fit for my boys. He taught them different strategies for both the language and math sections. He especially helped them on the essay section of the test. He helped them become familiar with the test format, and prepared them for the SSAT test. Simon was always courteous, and was incredibly punctual and flexible, which helped with our busy schedules. Simon was a great tutor and we would definitely recommend Boston Tutoring Services, and Simon in particular, to friends and family who have children who need standardized testing tutoring services.

Regina K., Methuen, MA

- Regina K., Methuen, MA

We really enjoyed working with Jim Vlachos. He was patient, thorough, and effective! Our daughter’s points on the SSAT went up by 50 points.


- Robyn

What a relief to have found Boston Tutoring Services! We were incredibly impressed and relieved as Alexandra Berube found the perfect tutor for our son just in time to prepare for the SSAT exam. Lindsay came prepared and ready to help our son focus in each session, and was extremely flexible in fitting in just the right number of tutoring sessions before the big day.

Lauren, Newburyport

- Lauren, Newburyport

We are indeed very pleased with your services, and we are very happy to have Jim Vlachos as a tutor. Our son is enjoying his lessons, and he feels that he is learning a lot every time, and definitely improving his skills. Jim is very professional, knowledgeable and a very efficient tutor. We feel very lucky to have him. Natalia

- Natalia

Boston Tutoring Services was prompt with providing information about their services. Without applying pressure, they allowed me to speak with multiple tutors to find one that would be the best match for meeting my son’s tutoring objectives.
Jim Vlachos was punctual, professional and helped to get my son into a rhythm of taking practice tests and reviewing areas that needed improvement.

- Bob

Kiernan Bagge is very good. My daughter’s average went way up in her regular math classes. She’s got a 98.65% average right now and she told me that Kiernan got her way ahead of where the class is in 6th grade math. He has a strong intellect and likes to bring on learning and academic discovery in many different ways.
We also worked with Anna Cerilli, who focused on the English piece which my daughter needed to complement Kiernan’s math focus and was great to have right before the test. Anna gave her a good understanding of English/Vocab strategy going into the test. She’s got great enthusiasm and knows how to handle kids.
-Terri S

- Terri S

We enjoyed working with Chris Farnsworth of Boston Tutoring Services. He was extremely professional but friendly and flexible and my daughter improved her scores after several sessions with him. His qualifications as a professional teacher were impeccable. BTS worked quickly to find us a tutor under a challenging timeline. – Cohasset

- Cohasset