Andrew Thom


Bachelor of Arts, History, Michigan State University, 2013

Andrew tutors students in grades 6-12 in History, Civics, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. He is currently pursuing his Master of Art degree in Education (with a specialization in Literacy) through Michigan State University. He is experienced in working with students with a range of special needs, and worked within a special education department supporting students with educational and emotional needs. He enjoys individualizing his instruction to meet the specific needs of his students, especially project-based curriculum.
Andrew says: “My philosophy on education is that if students have the ability to read, write, and defend their opinions with evidence, they have the chance to be successful in almost any field they choose to go into.  I got into education because I want students to become successful both in school and out, and I have over half a decade of full time experience in education. I’ve developed a wide range of skills to help students succeed,  whether they’re retaking a class or trying to get placed into some of the most prestigious high schools in Boston.  When I’m not learning and developing my craft, some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, kayaking, and traveling.  My most recent major trip was to Scotland, where I went to the portion of Glasgow from which my great-grandparents emigrated over 100 years ago.  I love sports and pop culture and think that those two subjects have proven invaluable in helping teach students how to make personal, modern connections to the work they’re doing in English and Social Studies.”