Greta Koning


Bachelor of Arts, History, University of Mississippi, 2004

Greta has been tutoring students in grades 3 through 12 for 11 years, in English, Math, History, and Science. She prepares students for all sections of the MCAS test, as well as all sections of the HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, ACT and the new SAT tests. She has worked as a Special Education Aide, and is experienced in working with students with mild to moderate special needs, as well as with accelerated/gifted students. She is experienced in customizing curriculum for students of all learning styles, and assessing students to ensure academic progress. She is also experienced in beginning Japanese.


Greta says: “My favorite aspect of working with kids is having the satisfaction that they feel prepared for whatever test/subject in which they are being tutored. In the first session, students are often very naive about what they are preparing for, and during the last session, they have built up a new confidence in themselves. I first became interested in working as a tutor when I worked as an instructional aide in the public schools. Every student has individual needs and  when they are mixed into a larger classroom, those needs are not often met. Tutoring, when done well, can often bring out the best in a student. A teacher/tutor needs to be approachable to their students; they need to try to relate to them in some way. History was my favorite subject in school.”