Kimberly Ferreira


Bachelor of Arts, English & Education, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 2017

Kimberly tutors students in grades 6 through 9 in English Language Arts. She has taught middle school and high school English for the last three years and develops personalized curriculum for the specific needs of her students. She is experienced in working with students with special needs and modifying her instruction to meet the accommodations of IEPs and 504s. She is experienced in working with students on Executive Functioning Skill support.
Kimberly always wanted to be a teacher since she was a child. When she was in high school, she always joked with her teachers that one day she would come back and teach with her teachers or even replace them. Kimberly got into teaching to make sure that all students’ needs are being fulfilled. She wants to be a role model for students, so that they know no matter what background they have, anything is possible. On a less educational level, Kimberly is a novice traveler and would like to travel to many different countries very soon. She has been to Cape Verde, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Bahamas. She would love to talk about travelling with anyone, and see if anyone has recommendations for her. Kimberly is looking forward to tutoring your students!