SAT and ACT Test Prep

Our tutors have outstanding credentials in preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests, including top scores on these tests. Through one-on-one instruction, students will learn how they can make the most of their time, and answer the questions with a deeper understanding of how the test is constructed.

This test prep program is customized to address each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Your tutor will develop a customized preparation plan to arm you with powerful and up-to-date strategies for all sections of the test.

Are you concerned about the new SAT changes? Want to learn more? Click here to see the training module we have prepared for our tutors which covers all changes that students will see on the new SAT.

SAT and ACT Test Prep Packages

Comprehensive In-Home SAT or ACT Test Prep: 90-minute sessions focus on your choice of a single subject or on all aspects of the test, including VerbalReading ComprehensionMathematicsEssay and Science (ACT only).

8 Sessions
12 Sessions
16 Sessions

2015-2016 SAT Test Schedule

2015-2016 ACT Test Schedule

SAT Test Date Registration Deadline SAT Tests Given
10/3/2015 9/4/2015 SAT Reasoning and Subject
11/7/15 10/8/2015 SAT Reasoning and Subject
12/5/2015 11/6/2015 SAT Reasoning and Subject
1/23/2016 12/28/2015 SAT Reasoning and Subject
3/5/2016 2/4/2016 SAT Test Only
5/7/2016 4/8/2016 SAT Reasoning and Subject
Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Registration
9/12/2015 8/7/2015 8/8-8/21/15
10/24/2015 9/18/2015 9/19-10/2/15
12/12/2015 11/6/2015 11/7-11/20/15
2/6/2016 1/8/2016 1/9-1/15/16
4/9/2016 3/4/2016 3/5-3/18/16
6/11/2016 5/6/2016 5/7-5/20/16