Boston Latin Exam (MAP)

On July 2, 2021, Boston Public Schools named NWEA as the vendor to administer the admissions test for the three exam schools as one part of admissions criteria. NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth test measures student achievement in math, reading and language usage. Items on MAP Growth are strongly aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework grade-level standards and test students on material they have learned in school. NWEA has provided compelling evidence that the assessment is valid for use with diverse student populations.

Many school districts in the Greater Boston area use MAP to evaluate student learning and inform academic instruction. The assessment also includes several built-in accommodations for students with disabilities and English learners.

MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test, which means that it adapts the level of difficulty based on the responses provided by the student. The test will start at the child’s current grade level and adjust the difficulty based on their performance.

In terms of test preparation, tutoring companies have agreed that the best course of action is to prepare for ISEE-like content and strategy, while incorporating MCAS-based content that is closer to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. There are practice materials available through NWEA that are used during instruction. Our tutors have outstanding credentials in preparing students for standardized tests, including the ISEE, SSAT, and MCAS. We will customize our instruction and curriculum to prepare students for the content and strategies necessary to excel on the exam.

Our Boston Latin Exam (MAP) test prep program is customized to address each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Your tutor will develop a customized preparation plan to arm you with powerful and up-to-date strategies for all sections of the test.
The Boston Latin Exam is used as the entrance exam for three schools – Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School and the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science. Students entering the 7th grade take the middle level of the test, and students entering in 9th grade take the upper level.

Boston Latin Exam Test Prep Packages

Comprehensive In-Home Boston Latin Exam Test Prep: 90-minute sessions focus on all aspects of the test, including VerbalReading Comprehension, and Mathematics.

8 90-Minute Sessions 12 90-Minute Sessions 16 90-Minute Sessions
$1,240 $1,699 $2,149