How does Boston Tutoring Services work?

Tutoring is conducted in your home or online. Based on the address where you would like the tutoring done and your child’s availability, we will select the appropriate tutor(s) for you. You can then review the bio of each available tutor to learn more about their background and experience. You can speak with as many tutors as you would like to see who is the best fit, at no cost or commitment. 

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors hold a minimum of a Bachelors degree, but most hold advanced degrees and teaching certification. Tutors are experienced in developing and customizing curriculum, implementing IEP modifications, and providing personalized instruction. We do have Special Ed-Certified tutors available as well. A background check has been conducted on every tutor.

What if the tutor and my child don’t click?

If at any time you do not feel that the tutor is a good match for your child, we can switch you to another tutor or reimburse you for any unused hours in your package.

How does scheduling work?

The scheduling is arranged between the parent and the tutor. Scheduling is based on your requested availability and the tutor’s schedule. Typically, students meet with their tutor at the same time each week, but tutors will be flexible based on their availability. You do not need to meet every week if you have other obligations (or illness, snow, etc.). Packages never expire, so you can spread out the sessions however you would prefer.

Do you have a contract?

We don’t require parents to sign a contract, but we do have a standard contract we can send you if you would like, for your records.

How do I pay?

No payment is due until you have spoken with a tutor and approved that tutor match for your child. Payment is due by the date of your first tutoring session for the package you prefer.

For Test Preparation we have four standard packages: 6 90-minute sessions: $1,020 (The Starter Package), 8 90-minute sessions: $1,240 (The Comprehensive Package), 12 90-minute sessions: $1,699 (The Complete Package), and 16 90-minute sessions: $2,149 (The Intensive Package).

For Academic Subject Tutoring we have three standard packages: 5 60-minute sessions: $459, 10 60-minute sessions: $885, and 20 60-minute sessions: $1,700. 

For Admissions Services we have three standard packages: 5 60-minute sessions: $459, 10 60-minute sessions: $885, and 20 60-minute sessions: $1,700. 

Payment methods include all major credit cards, PayPal, or check.

My child is preparing for a standardized test; how do I know which package my child will need?

We recommend 12 90-minute sessions for the full course to cover all aspects of the test; this includes the essay, reading comprehension, verbal strategies, and math. If your child is on the younger end, or has additional needs, we recommend 16 sessions. If you prefer a smaller package, we can condense the instruction based on your child’s individual needs. All of our tutoring is customized and we use practice tests to assess which areas students need the most improvement in, and focus the most on those areas.

When should I start Test Preparation?

We recommend starting as soon as possible so that students have enough time to spread out the instruction and practice the skills over a longer period of time. Our students that start earlier receive better test results because they have time to learn all of the new content, practice vocabulary, and take practice tests. You can spread out the instruction however you would like, to accommodate vacations, summer camp, etc.

What materials do you use for Test Preparation?

For ACT instruction, tutors use the official materials published through each company. For ISEE and SSAT instruction, we have developed our own proprietary materials based on over ten years of research on the best strategies for mastering the ISEE/SSAT test. With the purchase of any Test Preparation package, you will receive a free copy of our Mastering the ISEE and SSAT. 

How/when do you assign practice tests?

Depending on how many sessions your child will be doing, we typically have students take a practice test after the first or second session, as a homework assignment between sessions. The tutors then use this practice test as an assessment tool to customize instruction and focus on the areas in which the student needs the most support. We then have the student take another full practice test near the end of the course. If the student is doing more sessions, we do have additional practice tests we can administer. We also have students take timed practice test sections as homework.

Do you have group classes?

We do not hold our own group classes, but if you have a small group of students that you would like us to work with, we have special rates and can provide you with an estimate based on your specific needs.  


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