ISEE and SSAT Test Prep

Our tutors have outstanding credentials in preparing students for the ISEE and SSAT tests. Through one-on-one instruction, students will learn how to attack the test so that they can make the most of their time, and answer the questions with a deeper understanding of how the test is constructed.

This ISEE and SSAT test prep program is customized to address each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Your tutor will develop a customized preparation plan to arm you with powerful and up-to-date strategies for all sections of the test.

An exclusive benefit of working with Boston Tutoring Services is that students will be trained with the most up-to-date and effective strategies. We have developed proprietary materials to maximize instruction, having thoroughly researched all of the current test preparation strategies and content. We reviewed all of the official ISEE and SSAT practice tests that the ERB and SSAT companies have released, to ensure that we include all new content in our 2023 Edition of Mastering the ISEE & SSAT Test Preparation book.  Tutors have been fully trained using these specialized materials and methods.

ISEE and SSAT Test Prep Packages

Comprehensive In-Home ISEE or SSAT Test Prep: 90-minute sessions focus on all aspects of the test, including VerbalReading ComprehensionMathematics, and Essay. Each package includes a copy of our proprietary Test Preparation materials: 2023 Edition of Mastering the ISEE & SSAT.

8 90-Minute Sessions
12 90-Minute Sessions
16 90-Minute Sessions
We are partnering with Test Innovators to provide ISEE and SSAT diagnostic practice tests, which give students the experience necessary to succeed on test day, and provide tutors with critical insights into each student’s individual needs. You and your tutor will receive an in-depth diagnostic report that features authentic scores and percentiles. Data shows that there is a 90% correlation between the score of the last diagnostic test taken and the score on the real test. We highly recommend adding at least one diagnostic practice test to your child’s test preparation strategy.

Contact us today if you would like to include a diagnostic test package in your ISEE or SSAT plan!

Boston Tutoring Services provides ISEE test preparation that increases ISEE test scores. We see marked improvement in students’ test-taking skills and confidence. Our students master every aspect of the test, including test-taking strategies and stress reduction techniques. When students embark on Test Day, parents tell us that their children are confident, calm, and prepared to tackle the test in front of them.

As a result, our students receive top-notch scores, making vast improvement over the initial practice test, and typically scoring between the 80th and 99th percentiles on their scores.

We are proud to announce that our students have been accepted into the following schools, among many others:  Roxbury Latin, Thayer, Newton Country Day School, GANN Academy, Phillips Andover, BC High, Governor’s Academy, Boston University Academy, Xaverian Brothers, Shady Hill, BB&N, Beaver Country Day School, Sage School, Carroll School, Commonwealth School, Winsor School, Lowell Catholic, Dexter Southfield, Lexington Christian Academy, Stevenson School (California), Beaver Country Day, St. John’s Prep, The Fenn School, St. Mark’s School, Worcester Academy, Boston Latin Academy, and Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions in Houston.

2023 SSAT Test Schedule

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2023 ISEE Test Schedule

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