Admissions Consulting

Enlisting an Admission Consultant guarantees that the Admissions Process will be organized and well-planned, minimizing stress and providing you and your child with confidence every step of the way. During the Initial Assessment, the Admission Consultant will create a personalized Admissions Plan, which may include: developing and finalizing a list of schools to which the student will apply, learning about what to look for on school visits, reviewing applications, deciding which teachers to ask for recommendations, establishing a standardized testing schedule, exploration of Financial Aid and Scholarships, as well as incorporating our Admission Essay and Interview Coaching services.

Your Admission Consultant will formulate a step-by-step action plan to distill the Admission Process into manageable tasks, providing organization and time-management strategies while ensuring that no task falls through the cracks.

Admissions Consulting Packages

5 60-Minute Sessions
10 60-Minute Sessions
20 60-Minute Sessions