Don’t Forget About SAT II Subject Tests

The SAT II Subject Tests are required by many schools, and even if they aren’t required, they do add a nice boost to your college application. Working with a private tutor allows you to fine-tune your skills to maximize your time and hone your test-taking strategies. As the following article states, many SAT II Subject Tests are available, and it is important to begin preparation in order to achieve a high test score.

SAT Subject Tests–Juniors and Seniors Show What They Know

The test called the SAT has been around for many years. Most folks remember that high school students take it in their junior years as a part of the process of applying to college. But did you know that there are now many more tests that high school students can use to show colleges what they have learned?
The SAT Subject tests are one-hour, multiple-choice tests created by the College Board to allow high school students to demonstrate their abilities in specific areas of study. These tests are offered in the sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), math, history (US and World), English Literature, and many languages including Latin, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Many, but not all, colleges require applicants to take two or three of these exams as part of their application. Some colleges require specific ones, such as Physics and Math, for application to an engineering program for instance.