Don’t Forget about SAT II Subject Tests!

SAT II Subject tests sneak up on you, but don’t leave them to the last minute. If you can begin SAT II Test Prep earlier, you can make the greatest progress. As the following article states, it can be difficult to fit in SAT II Subject Tests around all the other demands of high school, but since so many colleges require them, it is in your best interest not to let them slip by the wayside.

Steps to Integrating SAT II Subject Test Prep with Studying for Finals

Choose to take the SAT Subject Tests in June, rather than March, May, or next year.
When you’re choosing which SAT II subject tests to take, choose whichever tests overlap most with the classes you do best in. Whether that’s math, one of the sciences, history, a language, or literature, choose the tests that line up with your best subjects.
Make subject test prep part of how you study for finals. Note where the two overlap, and where they don’t—look at the bigger picture of how all the material fits together.
Make finals prep part of how you study for subject tests.
Do every question you can get your hands on…and then some. Take questions from both your class materials and your subject test prep. Subject tests are very content-based (as opposed to the SAT I). The more you see, the more you learn, and the less surprised you’ll be on test day.