Bay Cove Academy

In a new blog series, Boston Tutoring Services highlights Massachusetts Special Education Schools. This week, we feature a submission from Judith Gelfand of Bay Cove Academy:

Bay Cove Academy is a small therapeutic school that works with a wide range of students ages 12-21 from the greater Boston area who have a history of emotional, social or learning difficulties. We provide a comprehensive academic curriculum, a full array of clinical services by our in-house LICSW clinicians, and a unique career development program that offers a wide range of transitional services and community employment.

An integrated curriculum model enables the students’ development of essential skills necessary to participate fully and responsibly as productive adults. The school is organized around a highly structured day with clearly designated standards and expectations.

Clinical services include weekly individual counseling, case management, group work, and family work. Social thinking curriculum and communication skills are well integrated into all areas of the school and are the focus of many of the clinical groups and individual work with students.

The Career Development Program (CDP) at Bay Cove Academy (BCA) is a nationally recognized Best Practices program dedicated to creating partnerships with community businesses and meaningful work experiences for youth. Honored by the US Department of Labor, CDP provides comprehensive training to help students find and keep jobs and learn industry-specific skills, as well as offer career counseling for students who are employed as interns by local community and business partners. The program provides students with classroom and real-world employment skills training, community job placement and on the job employment-training specialists. CDP also helps students research and explore post-school career options.

A part of the Career Development Program includes unique and innovative transition services. Work in the area of transition really begins at the time of enrollment. Our transition services are comprehensive and designed to help students gain the necessary skills and experiences needed to transition from school to work and/or higher learning, and independent young adult life.


Judy Gelfand, M.Ed
Bay Cove Academy

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