The Importance of Being a Leader


Many Universities seek students who are driven to be a leader. This is because they want a student who can improve their school’s environment by leading a team in an efficient and positive way, for both students and teachers. They are interested in students with optimistic attitudes who can take on responsibility and guide their team in a clear direction. A leader is someone who is reliable and can motivate their team to achieve their goals. Colleges are interested in students who listen to their peers and can inspire others to be involved and work hard as a team.


It is crucial for High School students to dedicate their time to becoming a leader, as they are preparing to go to college.The sooner a student gets involved with any sort of club, sport or any other association, the sooner they can be on their first step to attaining leadership skills. Being a leader for various associations will help boost students’ college applications. Being a member of your school’s National Honor Society shows that you are also a leader. It shows that you have dedicated your time and effort to your school, while maintaining your grades at a higher educational level. Being a part of this society also displays that you are active in school organizations, you can contribute new ideas, you’re a problem solver, and it also represents you as a role model.


The importance of being a leader separates a student from having “just an idea,” because they are determined to make that idea into a reality. Participating in organizations that interest you will give you more of a reason to be creative. Admissions seek out students who aren’t afraid to build on their strengths and opportunities. Employers are also interested in new employees who can take on leadership. In many different schools, at work and other environments, there can sometimes be tough situations to resolve, but as a leader you want to make sure you handle any situation professionally and respectfully. Applying to college or a job is where you may notice being a leader is important and always will be!


There are many different types of local non-profit organizations that give you the chance to explore your leadership skills and help impact another in need. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great organization for students to help make a difference in a child’s life. The Greater Boston Food Bank is a foundation that helps expand your knowledge on hunger and you can help volunteer your time to help those in need. Lastly, you can donate your time to help support the Boston Rescue Mission. This is another terrific association that contributes to many people who are struggling. The link provides a calendar with location, dates and times to help in a soup kitchen. Even organizations such as The Salvation Army and Make-A-Wish are a few other easy ways to get your peers together to make a difference. Being a leader is easy and worth it. Having leadership skills on your resume shows that you are a determined individual. You can carry and improve this impressive skill moving forward in your professional life.  It helps determine that you are resourceful and you have displayed meaningful participation in a variety of organizations.

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