Tips for Building Reading Skills

Those who love reading can attest to the fact that it is one of the greatest experiences a person can have and that it opens up a world of possibilities. However, for some children, reading can be a difficult and tedious task so we have gathered some tips for building reading skills. Read below to find out more!

  • Encourage annotations

When students make annotations or take notes on what they are reading, they process more information and are able to think critically about the material in front of them. Encouraging them to make prediction, ask questions, draw a picture about what they are reading, or circle words they don’t know will result in a more engaged and focused reader.

  • Read in “chunks”

Reading can be a daunting task for some students. This can become even more ominous if the book they are trying to read is a chapter book or even a picture book that is longer than what they are typically used to. This can make many children feel discouraged and anxious about reading. One way to combat this is by reading in “chunks” or sections. By breaking up a large text until smaller, more manageable pieces, the reading will become more attainable and once the larger book is finished, your child will feel pride in having read a “big kid” book.

  • Set Goals

Giving children some to strive for will motivate and encourage them to try harder when they are reading. If they are working towards a goal, students will keep that in mind and as a result, will be more determined to read and achieve what they set out to do. Another reason to set goals is to keep things new and interesting so your child does not get bored. Reading the same type of book every day will get tiring and your child will lose interest. An example of a goal you and your child could set is to read a chapter book over the course of a few weeks.

  • Encourage students reading books they enjoy

If your child has a passion such as animals, space, dinosaurs, etc. take a trip to the library and look for books that focus on that subject. Reading a book about something they love will make your child excited and allow them to have fun while learning to love to read.


Amanda De Moraes

Boston Tutoring Services

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