KudosWall: An Online Resume for Kids

If you are a parent or have a child in your life, you’ve likely experienced a moment of great pride in one of their achievements. It is also possible that you wished to have a way to somehow record their achievement. KudosWall is just the place to do that.

You can start building your child’s online record and make sure it is a positive one. On KudosWall parents can “store pictures, videos, presentations,and documents,” ranging from an art project done in school to a certificate won at the state science fair.

In addition to storing memorabilia, KudosWall can also serve as an online resume for your child. They can log volunteer hours, skills, and projects they have completed. You can continue building their profile up until it’s time to apply for college and then use the detailed information you’ve recorded to generate a resume for college applications. This way, when the time comes to build a resume, you won’t have to spend hours trying to remember the last several years; it will all be on your profile!

Keeping an updated KudosWall profile is a great way to get a head start on college application and the best part is that it’s accessible through an app for Apple and Android devices as well as a website.

To see what a profile could look like, click here to view “Jane Appleseed’s” KudosWall.
If you are ready to build your online resume and portfolio, visit KudosWall and start recording your child’s achievements today.




Amanda De Moraes

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