Is Your College Student Struggling With English Composition?

Many students struggle with College English Composition coursework. Whether your child is a freshman or a senior, there are always new challenges when it comes to writing. Students will be required to write essays, term papers, theses, senior/final projects, and case studies. Along the way they may struggle with:

  • Writing skills (basic punctuation/capitalization, sentence structure, syntax, etc.)
  • Structuring essays
  • Organizing large projects
  • Brainstorming appropriate topics and outlining supporting arguments
  • Strengthening and developing thesis statements
  • Managing research methods
  • And editing and proofreading.

It’s important that your child learns each of these skills, and we want to make sure that our College English Composition service provides students with lasting knowledge in how to improve all writing skills for the future. After college, your child will still need to be able to manage large projects and develop arguments, across a vast array of work environments and positions. Editing and proofreading skills are necessary for even the most basic written communication.

If your child is feeling overwhelmed by English composition coursework, our tutors can help them at every step of the way. All instruction is personalized and based on their specific needs. Tutors are experienced in working with students for whom English is not their first language, or who have additional learning needs. Tutors can meet them at home, on campus, or at a local library, and instruction can also be done online (or a combination of in-person and online). Our tutors are experienced in providing support to college students and imparting valuable skills that will make all college coursework more manageable and successful.

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