2017 Edition of ISEE/SSAT Preparation Book Released!

We are excited to announce that we are releasing our 2017 Edition Preparation Book for the ISEE and SSAT tests, as well as the Boston Latin Exam.

Mastering the ISEE and SSAT 2017 Edition will be sent to each student! We have thoroughly researched all of the current test preparation strategies for the ISEE and SSAT tests and developed proprietary materials that enhance the current approaches and make them more effective for instruction. We have added additional concepts to our book from the 2016 Edition to ensure we cover all content on the tests. An exclusive benefit of working with Boston Tutoring Services is that students will be tutored using the 2017 Edition Preparation Book.

Tutors have been fully retrained using the new materials.

“After tutoring students for the ISEE and SSAT tests for more than ten years, I have found most of the materials that are on the market to be missing specific content that I know is on the updated tests. They are also lacking in strong strategies that tutors can impart onto students,” said Alexandra Berube, Managing Director of Boston Tutoring Services.

One major element that is lacking in available prep books is a chapter on vocabulary instruction; because vocabulary acquisition strategies are crucial to performing well on the verbal sections of the tests, we developed a strong set of strategies that students can learn in order to excel on this section.

We also put a heavy focus on reading comprehension strategies, because this skill is necessary not just for the reading section of the tests, but for performing well on the tests in their entirety.

Additionally, we have added math content that is not in the current prep books but does appear on the tests, including math content that is formatted to match the appearance of this content on the actual tests. We provide tutors with math assessments that are accurate for the difficulty of the real tests.

At Boston Tutoring Services we firmly believe that preparing for these private school admission tests should not be done solely to pass the test; students are learning skills that will carry into the rest of their educational lives. We want to teach them how to learn, not just what to learn.

The owner of Boston Tutoring Services and curriculum development director, Alexandra Berube, is a Massachusetts-certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University, and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Child Development from Sarah Lawrence College.

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