How Bullet Journals Can Help You Organize for College

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you have probably seen posts about bullet journals, which have become something of a viral stationary trend. Stripping away all the hype, however, will leave behind an excellent method of planning and organizing for students. Today, I’ll tell you all the tips and tricks for getting organized for school using this approach. 

First off, what is bullet journaling? Bullet journals are essentially notebooks that accommodate an extremely wide variety of planning schemes, so you can include any and all that work for you. You can create calendars over a customizable length of time, which allows you to do everything from plan out your appointments and assignments for the week to make long term goals for the year, all in the same place. You can also make to-do lists and take notes, as well as use it as a diary, brainstorming notepad, sketchbook, and much more. 

Bullet Journals

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Bullet journals typically look something like this, but the beauty of bullet journaling is that there is so much room for creativity; yours can look however you’d like! Some ideas for making your journal truly yours include using colored inks, getting creative with washi tape, trying out a variety of fonts, and exploring different kinds of paper, such as graph, lined, or blank. The most important thing you must do, however, is rapid logging, which involves making a set framework for your journal and utilizing bullets and short sentences. This is essential to bullet journaling, so to learn more about rapid logging, please click here.

Now, how can students benefit from bullet journals? Perhaps most obviously, a good bullet journal can easily replace an academic planner in a student’s life. This is especially good if you have trouble finding a planner that suits all of your organizational needs, because your bullet journal will be made to order. It’s a great place to log all of your class assignments so you don’t forget anything, and you can assign a color code to each class to keep things organized. You can also include reminders, appointments, household chores, plans with friends, and important dates on either a monthly or a weekly schedule depending on what works best for you. This post offers a look at several different college student’s bullet journals, so feel free to check those out for ideas. 

Bullet Journals

From Productive and Pretty.

Overall, I think it’s very important for students to be organized, in both their lives at school and their lives outside of school. Bullet journaling is the best way to keep everything in one place, and it also offers a way to stay focused and an outlet for creative energy. It’s the new trend everyone should try!

For the ultimate guide on how to create your own bullet journal, click here. If you’d like to watch an informative video about bullet journaling, click here.

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