Update on Massachusetts Schools Reopening

It’s time for an update on Massachusetts schools reopening in the time of COVID-19. Here’s what’s happening in schools across the state.

9/28/2020: Someone at Beaver Brook Elementary School has tested positive for COVID-19, according to Abington Superintendent Peter Schafer, though he would not say whether the individual is a student, teacher, or other staff member.

9/30/2020: West Middle School students quarantined after positive test.
10/3/2020: A community member associated with Andover High tested positive.

9/20/2020: Arlington Elementary School switches to remote learning after staff member tests positive.

9/15/2020: 30 Attleboro High School students in quarantine after COVID-19-positive student attended school.
10/5/2020: The six new cases include five students and one staff member, bringing the total number over a four-week period to 19. Last week there were seven new cases. Overall the schools have averaged a little under five cases a week.

9/28/2020: 20 students are quarantining at home after Auburn Public Schools notified them they were “potentially exposed” to a bus monitor who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

9/30/2020: A school community member (i.e., student or staff) at John Glenn Middle School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case.

9/29/2020: One case of confirmed COVID-19 in school community.
10/13/2020: A school community member (i.e., student or staff) at Belmont High School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case.

9/18/2020: A Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School student and another private high school student in Bridgewater have tested positive for COVID-19, with more high school students exposed and under quarantine.

9/27/2020: One person in school community has tested positive.

9/25/2020: There are a total of three cases, with students/faculty in Marshall Simonds Middle School and Pine Glen Elementary School having been determined to be in classes during the infectious period. A third case at Francis Wyman was not in the building during that time.
10/1/2020: Today, the Burlington Board of Health received laboratory testing that indicated that a student/staff member at Memorial School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of Covid-19.
10/16/2020: A student/staff member at Francis Wyman Elementary School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case.
10/18/2020: A student/staff member at Burlington High School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case.
10/19/2020: A student/staff member at Marshall Simonds Middle School has been diagnosed with a confirmed case. It has been determined that there are no close contacts in this case because the student was not in school 2 days before illness onset.

9/4/20: A Carver school employee is positive for COVID-19.

10/14/20: Chatham Elementary student tests positive.

9/18/2020: A Chicopee school worker tests positive.

10/6/2020: COVID-19 case confirmed at East Gloucester Elementary School.

10/15/20: A student at Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School has tested positive.

9/20/20: One student in the Wilbraham-Hampden school district tested positive.

10/15/20: 36 high school hockey players self-quarantining after teammate tests positive.

9/21/20: Monomoy Regional High School has confirmed its first case of COVID-19.

9/29/20: Cases of coronavirus reported among students late last week at three schools in Haverhill — Whittier Regional High, Consentino Middle and Whittier Middle — a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 at Haverhill High School.

09/28/20: Another positive student at Hopkinton High School today.

9/22/20: Student tests positive.

9/10/20: An elementary school within Ludlow Public Schools is undergoing deep cleaning after a staffer tested positive for COVID-19.

10/18/20: Staff members at the Linden School who have tested positive.

10/13/20: One staffer has tested positive.

9/24/20: Marlborough High School goes remote after 7 students test positive.

9/27/20: Two people from the Marshfield High School community have tested positive.
10/10/20: Daniel Webster Elementary School shifts to remote learning.

10/14/20: A student at Medfield High School tested positive. A student at Blake Middle School tested positive.
10/25/20: A student at the Wheelock School has tested positive.

9/4/20: A teacher at Methuen High tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the district to implement quarantines and contact tracing.

9/28/20: Students who were required to quarantine due to exposure attended or hosted parties with numerous students over the past two weekends, despite orders from the Board of Health to quarantine.

9/16/20: A teacher at Alfred J. Gomes Elementary School in New Bedford has tested positive for COVID-19.
9/17/20: A GNB Voc-Tech staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 and is home self-isolating.

9/8/20: A Newburyport High School staff member tests positive for COVID-19.

10/1/20: An individual at Melican Middle School tested positive for coronavirus.
10/7/20: Two people connected with Marion E. Zeh Elementary School in Northborough tested positive.

9/24/20: Student tests positive.

9/22/20: One student of Massachusetts schools in Pepperell tested positive.
10/7/20: Two Nissitissit Middle School students tested positive.

9/24/20: Two students tested positive after being in close contact with another person who tested positive.

9/22/20: In a Facebook post, Superintendent Roy Webb says they are currently tracking 15 active positive coronavirus cases in the district – six at the high school, five at the junior high and two each at Baldwin and Rooney elementary schools.

9/17/20: A staff member working in Salem Public Schools’ LEAP Saltonstall Summer program tested positive for the coronavirus.

9/22/20: 2 staff members of Massachusetts schools in Scituate test positive.

9/22/20: Pope Francis Preparatory School is switching to remote-only instruction for at least two weeks after a student there tested positive for COVID-19.

9/5/20: A faculty member tested positive for CO­VID-19 and that person had been present at Tewksbury Memorial High School and the Loella F. Dewing Ele­mentary School.

10/7/20: One North Middlesex Regional High School student has tested positive.

10/16/20: Two students tested positive.

9/15/20: Pine Cobble School confirmed a third member of its community, a pupil, has tested positive.
9/18/20: Four children and two faculty members from Pine Cobble School have tested positive for COVID-19, the private school’s head reported on Friday.

9/17/20: Winchester High School announced Wednesday it would move to remote learning for the rest of the week after a student tested positive.

9/23/20: 6 Worcester Public Schools employees have tested positive for coronavirus in recent weeks.

Sourced from The Boston Globe. For the most up-to-date information on Massachusetts schools reopening, visit their website.

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