American Library Association Summer Reading Lists

Summer is finally here, and so are the American Library Association summer reading lists. The lists are full of book titles to keep children engaged in reading throughout the summer. Four summer reading lists are available for birth-preschool and grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each list is available to download for free. Titles on the 2023 Summer Reading Lists were compiled and annotated by members of American Library Association’s Quicklists Consulting Committee. American Library Association reading lists are created as a resource for children’s librarians to share with patrons. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to explore these titles to find resources that may match or spark their child’s interest.


A Bear, A Bee, and A Honey Tree
By Daniel Bernstrom
Illustrated by Brandon James Scott
It’s bear versus bee in this rhyming picture book. Both want the honey in the beehive, and the bear is determined to figure out a way to grab it from the bees.

I’m Not Small
By Nina Crews
A story about being a “big kid” who still feels small sometimes. The text and illustrations encourage young children to explore math concepts like comparison and relative size.

One Sky
By Aaron Becker
View all the different colors of the sky with each page turn in this board book. Along with a simple poem describing the changes, readers can also look through small, frosty panes to see the world in different colors.

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Grades K-2

Dark on Light
By Dianne White
Illustrated by Felicita Sala
As the sun sets, three young children pull on their boots and grab their flashlights, ready to explore the wonders of the world at night. Lyrical text and rich illustrations underscore the magic of discovery

Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest
By Phoebe Wahl
Delve into the forest for a year and explore creatures, habitats, and flora. The tiny witch tends to all to ensure comfort and health. Lyrical writing makes for a lovely journey.

Ways to Make Friends
By Jairo Buitrago
Illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson
In this tongue-in-cheek guide to friendship, a hapless toad tries out all kinds of methods, from the innocuous to the
bizarre, in his quest to make a connection. Also available in Spanish.

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Grades 3-5

Chester Keene Cracks the Code
By Kekla Magoon
Chester is convinced his dad is a spy. After receiving a clue from his dad, Chester and his classmate Skye embark on a puzzle-filled scavenger hunt that ends up having higher stakes than he originally thought.

Mega-Predators of the Past
By Melissa Stewart
Illustrated by Howard Gray
The spotlight in this nonfiction book is on the other huge prehistoric beasts that dinosaur-centric titles might overlook. Learn fascinating facts and theories about giant insects, birds, and more.

Three Strike Summer
By Skyler Schrempp
Feisty Gloria Mae aspires to join an all-boys baseball team, while her pa is determined to protest the unfair conditions at the peach orchard where her family works in this novel set during the Dust Bowl.

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Grades 6-8

The Door of No Return
By Kwame Alexander
Kofi, an eleven-year-old boy from the village of Upper Kwanta, is ripped away from his family and community in this gripping novel in verse.

The Kate In Between
By Claire Swinarski
Kate is being celebrated after rescuing a classmate from drowning, but what happens when everyone finds out what really happened that day at the lake?

By Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Illustrated by Gabriela Epstein
In this graphic novel, five middle-school students find out that they have been lumped together because their teachers assumed, since they all speak Spanish, that they’d have tons in common. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

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