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Have you considered studying abroad in high school? Maybe your academic advisor shared how much more attention your college app will get with an international experience listed. Now high school abroad is on your radar and you’re ready to see what the world has to offer before settling into a four-year college degree program. Whether it has been your dream to put your three years of Spanish class to the test in Spanish-speaking countries, or you’ve been itching to see the ruins you learned about in history class, there is so much you can experience abroad! You can study or volunteer abroad on a high school program, too, and Ireland is a great option.

Ireland is a small country with a huge reputation; this divided country is filled with gorgeous countryside, wonderful people, and a vast history that spans far beyond St. Patrick’s Day. The similar language and traditions make Ireland a popular place for high school students to study abroad. Parents can rest assured knowing that the similarities of language make Ireland a friendly place and easier for students to make adjustments to life abroad. Ireland is great for students who want to spend a full year abroad, get to know their Irish heritage, study up on history or literature, or for first time travelers.

For a high school abroad trip to Ireland, popular destinations include Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and Cork. During an academic year abroad, students will attend a local high school and take courses with local students, allowing them to broaden their horizons by immersing fully into daily Irish life. Just as with high school at home, they’ll study a variety of different subjects and make friends that will last a lifetime. Most students who choose to spend a full academic year doing high school in Ireland will also live with a host family, which will give even more insight into day to day life in Ireland and help them get to know the country well.

Similar to a year abroad, during a semester abroad students would likely live with a host family and attend a local high school. The only difference is the time is almost cut directly in half. This is a great way to ease into life abroad and what it is like to go to high school in a different country. From youth empowerment programs to teen travel opportunities, Ireland also has many different summer programs that allow students to take a few weeks out of the summer to explore the country with people from all over the globe. Through these programs, students can see a large amount of Ireland in a short period of time and learn through hands-on experience instead of behind a desk. Generally, these summer programs either involve a travel component (teen travel programs) or taking a course at one of Ireland’s universities — which students can get college credit for.

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