Eliza King Freedman


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Middlebury College, 2023

Eliza tutors students in grades 6-12, as well as at undergraduate level, in English Language Arts (especially writing), Spanish and Arabic (she is fluent and tutors at all levels). She supports students in writing polished and engaging admission essays for private school and college. She’s experienced in working with students for whom English is not their first language. She served as the Senior Arts and Culture Editor during all four years of her undergraduate studies. She is experienced in working with students with special needs, especially students with ASD or Cerebral Palsy.

Eliza says, “Outside of my language and political science studies at Middlebury College, I split my time between the women’s squash team and the school newspaper, and each of these activities informs my teaching methods as a tutor. Squash taught me a lot because it’s a very individual sport, so the only time for teammates to interact in competition is when we coach each other in between our individual games. This meant that as a team we had 3 minutes together between every game to encourage each other and tell whoever was playing what they needed to hear before they returned to court. I learned to read my teammates, and I learned how to balance giving them the tough advice they needed to hear and the encouragement that would actually help them win. This philosophy transferred to my time on the newspaper, as I collaborated everyday with my fellow editors to put out a high quality paper. However, I also had to coach the writers for the Arts and Culture section specifically and advocate for them in the newsroom. Similar to my experience on the squash team, I learned that there were times to push people and times when morale and confidence had to be my priority — and I am excited to transfer this philosophy to my tutoring services.”