Rachel McGovern


Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, Elon University, 2017.

Rachel has been tutoring for four years and supports students in grades 6-12, as well as undergraduate level, in math, from algebra through college-level calculus. She prepares students for the math sections of the ISEE and SSAT tests. She supports students in organization and study skills as well. She enjoys developing personalized curriculum to meet the specific needs of her students. Additionally, she taught dance to children, and strives to make all of her tutoring fun and engaging for her students.
Rachel says, “Hello, my name’s Rachel and I hope you will consider me for your math tutoring needs. While studying for my mathematics degree, I found that math was all about discovering patterns and having patience and open mindedness while problem solving. I began tutoring to share this discovery and love for mathematics with all of the students that I’ve come across. I love seeing a lightbulb go off in their heads when they’ve recognized a new pattern or feel the satisfaction of having worked through an example successfully. Developing this skill set gives them confidence that they can carry with themselves to other subjects or situations in their daily life. In turn I also hope to show them that math can be a fun challenge! Outside of tutoring, you can always find me in dance class at my favorite studios around LA! I grew up doing a variety of styles and am constantly looking to get moving! Also, I don’t have any pets, but I love animals if they ever want to make an appearance in our sessions. My favorite is when cats jump on my students’ keyboards to join the geometry!