Boston Tutoring Services – In-Home Tutoring in Massachusetts and Southern NH

SAT and ACT Test Prep

Our tutors have outstanding credentials in preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests, including top scores on these tests. Through customized instruction, students learn how to make the most of their time and increase their score.

ISEE and SSAT Test Prep

Our trained and experienced tutors are available for individual instruction on the ISEE and SSAT tests for 8, 12, or 16 sessions. Your tutor will develop a strategic, customized program to prepare your child for all sections of the test.

High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Our tutors are fully-trained and available to provide one-on-one instruction on the High School Placement Test, a high school entrance exam taken by students seeking admission to parochial high schools.

Admissions Services

Our highly trained Admission Coaches guide you and your child through the Private School and College Admission process, including Essay and Interview Coaching.

K-12 Academic Subject Tutoring

Our experienced, professional tutors provide personalized academic support in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, French, MCAS, study skills, and more.

Boston Latin Exam

Our tutors are experts in the Boston Latin Exam, which is used to gain entrance to the three Boston Public exam schools - Boston Latin Academy, Boston Latin School and the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science.

Special Education Resources

Whether your child has an IEP or a 504 plan, or if your child just needs additional support due to challenges with organization, focus, or unspecified learning delays, our tutors are trained in tailoring their instruction to meet your child’s needs.

About Boston Tutoring Services

Boston Tutoring ServicesBoston Tutoring Services, LLC. is a private in-home tutoring company that offers one-on-one instruction for K-12 students throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Our experienced staff of tutors and admissions coaches are largely Massachusetts Certified Teachers with Master’s Degrees or higher. They have been trained to deliver instruction that is customized to each student’s needs. Tutoring is conducted in your home or local library, and we offer convenient scheduling, so that you may select a time for tutoring that is best for your family. Boston Tutoring Services offers tutoring for the ISEE and SSAT, as well as the ACT and SAT, Boston Latin Exam, and High School Placement Test. Boston Tutoring Services also offers Academic Tutoring and MCAS Preparation in many subjects, including English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Languages. For students applying to private school or college, Admission Consulting Services, including Essay Coaching and Interview Coaching, are available.