How to Make Your Child’s College Admission Essay Stand Out From the Crowd

The process of writing a top-notch college admission essay is a long and arduous one. Every senior in high school struggles with this component, and sometimes students feel defeated about their writing process before they even start. Students may not know what subject to choose or how to begin developing an appropriate essay. This is a very relatable problem, so if your child is having a hard time, do not take it as a sign that they are not capable of producing a stellar essay.

As a college student myself, I have recently made my way through this journey. The first thing I struggled with in writing my admission essay was choosing a topic. I ended up going with the open-ended essay prompt, in which I had the freedom to write about nearly anything I wanted.This creative approach is not for everybody, therefore I would only suggest it for students who have a vivid imagination and high levels of rhetorical skill; together, these traits make for engaging and eye-catching work.

Students also have the option to write about a current social issue or event; memorable learning experiences with a certain person in their life; or a piece of literature that relates to them on a deeper level. Each college or university has a different list of topics to choose from, but these are the most common four choices.These all provide students with a more structured approach, which can be easier for them in their writing process. The key here is to have students pick whatever subject they feel they can expand on, due to interest in the subject and/or personal experience with the subject.

Everything I know about writing a unique and striking admission essay comes from experience. Looking back at my college application process, I have realized what I did wrong and what I wish I had done differently. As I stated above, because I struggled in my search for the most feasible essay topic, I waited too long to write my essay. I only gave myself a week to write, edit, and send it out, and because I rushed the process, my writing suffered. The essay lacked a central idea, and if your child’s essay does not have a strong thematic core, college admission officers will presume that your child has weak writing skills.

I wish I had had someone to look over my essay before sending it out. A fresh set of eyes would have strengthened the paper’s overall message and content. I suggest having at least four people look it over, from all different fields: a teacher (preferably English), a guidance counselor, an essay coach, and a parent. There’s a reason why there are so many editors on board in any writing publication: multiple opinions and edits reap fantastic results. Again, if your child receives their essay back and it is covered in red ink, do not be discouraged. This happens nearly every time someone proofreads another person’s work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written an article for a newspaper and my editor had changed almost every word. As long as the main idea is still present in the edited draft, your child is well on their way to submitting a top-notch admission essay.

A well-written admission essay is a key component of your child’s application package. It gives the admissions staff insight into your child’s interests and personality that can’t be obtained from any other part of their application. An essay coach can identify your child’s personal goals, talents, and insights, and then help craft them into an essay topic that will grab the admission officer’s attention. Bringing in an experienced professional essay coach to guide your child throughout the process, from initial concept to proof-read final draft, means that your child’s essay is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

I can attest that if I had received this type of support during my writing process, my essay would have better reflected who I am as a student and as a person. There are many parts of your application, such as grades, test scores, and recommendations, but your essay can be that one thing an admissions officer reads over and says, This is the student I want for our school.

Stephanie Santos
Boston Tutoring Services

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