Boston Tutoring Services Is Turning Five Years Old

Boston Tutoring Services is turning five years old! We are excited to announce that Boston Tutoring Services has been serving Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for five years, offering in-home tutoring using our individualized approach to instruction. We have conducted 9,000 tutoring sessions with 800 students. Boston Tutoring Services started with just one tutor, and now staffs 90 trained and qualified tutors. We are continuing to grow and appreciate all of your support through this process!


My name is Alexandra Berube, and when I started Boston Tutoring Services in January of 2010, I was also teaching kindergarten full-time in an inclusive classroom. I could see how important is was for students to receive an individualized and customized curriculum program, because every student learns differently and at a different pace. I wanted the tutors of Boston Tutoring Services that I would go on to hire to hold the same educational philosophy. The most important quality in a good educator is the ability to connect with the student and develop a lasting bond that provides confidence and support through each academic struggle.


This personal relationship is the cornerstone of how I have tried to support the parents who call me each day, anxious about their child’s academic growth and the challenges that lay ahead. As we continue to grow, I appreciate all feedback that might allow me to improve customer service and the quality of the services that we provide. I am looking forward to several new projects that will add additional value to your educational experience with us.


My main project over the next few months is to continue to develop a supplementary and proprietary ISEE/SSAT test preparation manual, because we specialize in private school admission tests and it is important that we provide the most accurate and comprehensive materials to our tutors and students. We will continue to hold regular trainings for tutors to come together and discuss the challenges they face and share strategies that they have developed over their years in teaching. I have added a new service, in which I can work with you and your child to show you the fundamentals of reading and how to work with your child to develop strong reading skills. We will also be holding seminars and classes at Roudenbush Community Center in Westford, based on private school and college admission.


I greatly appreciate all of your support over the last five years, and can’t wait to see how we grow over the next five years!


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