Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer in Westborough

In our Summer Reading Series for 2019, we will be featuring the summer reading programs of public libraries in different towns from all over Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Let’s take a look at the Westborough Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.

The Children’s Department Summer Reading Program is for kids entering grades 1 – 5 in the fall. Its structure is pretty basic: for every 15 minutes they read, are read to, or listen to audiobooks, they just check off a star on their reading log. For every two hours, kids can get a raffle ticket for whichever of the 3 grand prizes they would like to try to win. If they complete 30 hours of reading they get 5 extra raffle tickets, a certificate, and a book from the book prize bin.

All children need to do to register is to come to the library and get a reading log (Westborough residency is not required), and everything is free. They can come to the library any many or as few times as they wish during the summer, they just need to have their raffle tickets in by August 30. They can pick their logs up at any time this summer and everyone can do their “best guess” for what they have read since the program started on June 10th and add that to their log.

The Summer Reading Program for kids entering grade 6-12 in the fall is run by the Westborough Public Library’s Teen Department. This year the Teen Zone will be adding a new dimension to the Summer Reading Program: a collaborative project. If teens reach their collective reading goal, everyone wins! Here’s the story: A UFO landed in the Teen Zone and the aliens are demanding payment. Luckily, they are not interested in abducting teens, but they do have a strong desire to bring livestock back to their leader. Every time a teen participates by reading, checking out a YA book, completing a Teen Zone challenge, or attending a Teen Zone program, a specially chosen cow will move closer to the UFO. If the cow makes it all the way on board the spaceship, teens will be rewarded with an ice-cream sundae bar. Each additional cow that enters the UFO will mean additional ice cream toppings and treats.

The Westborough Public Library clearly has a lot planned for children and teens that you won’t want to miss! For more information, click here to visit the Westborough Public Library’s website. More information about the program for teens is available by clicking here. To view other blogs in this series, please click here.

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